Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Perfect weather to fly

Wahey some sunny weather again, yesterday was pretty damn good for a work day, I rode in then after work I put my bike in the back of Si's car and we drove up to lee quarry, I've been meaning to get up there for a while and it was well worth it. I'd heard a few people say it was very technical, the 2 guys we saw in the car park agreed and for a trail centre it is! The red/black run at Llandegla is pretty tame compared to this. The red is good, some fast swoopy bits and a few jumps, the black sections are rocky and technical. There's a skills/practice area halfway round with a seesaw and some balance beams to have a go on. Then the black run splits and drops into the quarry with some sketchy off camber rock slabs with a fair drop off the side. More tricky rock slabs at the bottom then a climb back up to the red route. The end of the red is a great fast, swoopy, jumpy, bermed bit. Lots of fun. We got chatting to a local guy who's been digging some jumps up there and he showed us a few, I had a quick go but I'm lame at jumping. We did 2 laps and Si's GPS said it was just 7.5 miles but not bad for a quick after work session and plenty of smiles per mile. I did the black section on the second lap without much drama but it would take a bit of practice to do it smoothly and really pin it. If its your first time take care, apparently there have been a few bad falls with people riding it blind at full pelt. The skull and crossbones motif on the black route signs should give you a clue :)
Afterwards Si dropped me off in ramsbottom and I rode home via holcombe moor and the jumbles, a decent bit of riding. I'd definitley recommend Lee Quarry to locals for a quick blast or for a detour if your already riding round there.


trio said...

It's on my to do list but I'm too scared to go on my own!

D0NK said...

When I mentioned it on Sunday Junkyard and a few others said they wanted to go at some point so a little group ride might be do-able.