Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Electric Storm

Blackberry storm, blackberrys seem quite fashionable now and from an IT point of view not bad. Email is a breeze to setup as long as you don't mind divulging you work email credentials to your service provider, calendar syncing over the air is a little more tricky as blackberry don't bother including the necessary sync tools but no biggy. One of our users got a Storm recently the blackberry that wants to be an iphone so much it hurts. It blows big time. It's slow, freezing for no apparent reason occasionally, takes an age to boot up and 5mins+ for a factory restore, it causes downright strange behaviour with 3rd party apps but the absolute worst thing is the interface. The whole screen is a button, run your finger across the screen to highlight an icon, tick box or keyboard key then click down on the screen. Unfortunately its crap whenever you click it selects the button immediately above or below the one you want, normally the one that causes most disruption. e.g. I spend 10 minutes filling in the settings page using the phone text style keypad cos the predictive one is useless for server addresses and the proper qwerty keyboard wont work with all 3rd party apps, bring up the menu highlight SAVE and click, the highlight flips down to CANCEL and you lose all the settings you just put in. When it happens for the third time you get a bit pissed off. The gyro on it which tells it which way you are holding it is quite glitchy, navigation is not intuitive at all and once you do know what you are doing its clunky and doesn't work as it should all the time. Steer clear. The curve with its track ball and full keyboard is much better, if a little big.

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