Thursday, 23 April 2009

Pranging out

All hail to the downhill tube, those fat rubber leviathans have saved me some trouble the last couple of days. A lad at work just got himself a second hand stab deluxe so I've been helping him fix it up a bit, got it all setup yesterday so I give it a spin, theres a big flight of stairs outside our work so I hit those fast, tyre pressure wasn't quite high enough so the rims were pranging on the last few steps but no puncture, nice one! 2.7" tyres and DH tubes rock. So I went back and did it again, faster, cool but I gave it a rest after that. Anyway on the way in today I decided to hit the same steps just as fast on my hardtail, whoops, all was going well till I hit the bottom, as my front wheel levelled out all my weight shifted to the back and I got some very loud prangs from the step/wheel/rim interface. No flat tho, phew downhill tubes save the day again. The stab looks pretty damn cool and I would love to give it a go on a proper downhill but there aint many around and none close to here. It also weighs 40-odd lbs and doesn't have a granny ring, thats gonna restrict it's rideability. Still want one tho.

Oh and I'm sure anyone remotely interested in bikes has seen this already but if not WATCH IT, very, very, very cool video, slick editing, cool music and it all just flows really well. That's one of the reasons I was jumping off stuff and riding down steps this morning.

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