Thursday, 2 April 2009

This is the one

Frosty ride - winter hill, originally uploaded by D0NK.

I like this bike, no I really like this bike, the STW ride was great, it climbed well and it descended with the best of them despite being amongst plenty of full sussers. It was perfect for lee quarry being a bit more precise for those balance beams than a full susser. It flew home across holcombe moor, uphill it felt like I had a tailwind behind me but nope the wind was gently blowing against my face me when I stopped at a gate. All round a bloody good ride.
So is this the one perfect bike for me? No, a couple of weeks ago I was praising my rigid singlespeed for it's simplicity, before that I was gushing about the heckler pinning all the descents and climbs in the lakes and next time I take out the etsx I'll be reporting how fantastic that is. So are all my bikes the best in the world? Do I have such a short memory I can't objectively compare them back to back? Or is it that a bike is a bike is a bike and which ever one I currently have my leg swung over is the best in the world?
Bit of all of the above I think, long may it continue.

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