Thursday, 30 April 2009

April and other news

A reasonable 473 miles this month but a whopping 323 of them were off road,I'm quite happy with that.
In other news we got a second car, Mrs D has to drive while shes at work so we got a little chevrolet Matiz, 4yrs old, immaculate condition only done 3500miles (I did more than that on my bike last year!) A massive 796cc engine, rock and roll, but I've driven it a few times and it is sorted for town driving, loads of room inside, seems to have a power assisted clutch, I kept nearly putting my left foot through the floor first time I drove it. Really light gear changes too, seems to have a close/low ratio gearbox so pulls away from lights OK and has a combined mpg of 54. The corolla (you can tell I'm a real petrolhead cant you) can now stay on the drive all week and I'll just get it out at weekends for bike transport/day trips/whatever.

I seem to be turning into Victor Meldrew, I was on the train the other day we were crammed in like sardines and apart from being able to clearly hear a guys ipod who was stood 3 or 4 people away from me (some sort of "bitter sweet symphony" mashup if your interested) all was well. Then I heard this Tsloch.....Tsloch....Tsloch. It had probably been there for I while but I just started to notice it. Tsloch........tsloch...tsloch........tsloch. Hmm, looking round I see ipod man is chewing gum with his gob open, it's really, really loud and its irregular, slow then dead fast then slower, proper getting on my tits it was. This guy is well dressed, suit, shirt and tie, presumably got a decent job and reasonably intelligent so why is he chewing like a slack jawed imbecile? Normally I suffer from chronic englishness, don't complain about anything ever, but after a few minutes of this I can feel my blood boiling, I leaned forward and attracted the guy's attention. He took an earphone out and I told him to shut his mouth while he is chewing as it was annoying. I should have added "and turn down your bloody stereo" but I was happy with that, he shut his gob, I calmed down and could think straight again. Everyone I've told this to so far has said he could be a psycho and I could have been stabbed, but with all the people he'd have had to wait till we got to a station and some people to get off and I was nearer the door so no worries :-)

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Weon said...

I salute you sir!

People chewing with their mouth open is one of my (many) pet hates.

Ah, the joys of being old and intolerant!