Monday, 30 March 2009

Cast of thousands

Well STW ride number 2, lowey had mapped out a local ride and invited the STW massive to join him, I didn't think I was going to make it but I managed to get up and get out. Wow what a turn out, 28 of us all in all and the weather was fantastic, cold start but clear skies and it just got warmer as the day went on. Rivington, winter hill, darwen and great hill, the only thing missing from it was Jons 200 and I did that on the way over to the meet :) A group ride that big wasn't without it's problems, gates and singletrack sections involved a bit of qeueing, tockholes cafe were beseiged when we turned up en masse and the steep tricky bit on darwen hill was carnage but no bad crashes. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was lots of cake at the end. Brilliant day out and there are already plans for another one soon, great stuff.

Pics here and here

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Weon said...

Ah, it's always good to finish a ride with plenty of cake!