Friday, 24 April 2009

Oh yeah.....

..that's why riding in the summer can be hard work, I realised a couple of hours into my ride last night. The fact that I sweat loads in the heat means I get dehydrated pretty quick, I'd forgotten about that seeing as how we haven't had really nice weather the last year. I'd also forgotten how much hard work it is throwing the bike around, I was doing some more play riding on my way out of manchester last night, climbing flights of stairs then jumping back down them, hopping up and down stuff and generally making a hooligan of myself. The metrolink platforms in the city centre are shut, they make good launch pads. I found a carpark near the arena which had some good ledges to jump up and off (away from the cars) they have so much trouble with car crime there are 2 guys manning it, one at the entrance for payment and one in the middle on a tennis umpires chair watching for scrotes. Anyway I managed to get a flat just as one of them walked over, I thought he was going to tell me to piss off but he just chatted while I fixed my tire. Turns out it wasn't a DH tube in there after all, weird how stuff like the stairs where I expected to flat i didn't but hopping up onto a concrete block and I hooked up the rear wheel slightly pinched it. It always seems to be the innocuous knocks that give me a flat.

I'd decided to head up rivi but my legs were dying as I got into bolton, I called in home, snarfed a couple of bananas and headed out quick before I chickened out. Good ride, did back of winter hill, ICR, up AICR and rivi then down Jon's 200. Lots of downhiller wannabes out, padded up, full face helmets and goggles and BIG bouncy bikes. Where are these downhills that need such equipment? I'm sure someone must be hiding some worldcup quality downhill tracks round there somewhere.

Nearly 50miles all in, my legs were dead when I got home, was sure I wouldn't be able to ride in today but I had tuna and pasta when I got in and sat with my legs raised for the rest of the night (and scoffed a whole easter egg). I didn't feel too bad this morning so rode in no problems. My back and shoulders are sore from the urban antics but legs aren't too lifeless.

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