Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Switching off

On the way home from work yesterday I was on form, I was cleaning stuff that I haven't done for a while (up the two flights of steps at blackfriars rd) and riding some stuff I haven't tried before like the steps near agecroft (tight turn in, steep stairs, tight turn out) And following the first rule of cleaning new stuff, I went straight back and did it again, and then again with my saddle at full height. Nice way to finish a pretty stressful day.

Watched the last half hour of The Hospital last night, it depressed me, no doubt it was edited to provoke a reaction but some of those young mums wound me up. Stamping their feet cos they want their pregnancy/labour to go their way despite all the health care professionals advising against certain things, then afterwards the girls saying, (surprise, surprise) next time they'd be following doctors orders. One girl was gasping just walking down the street but carried on smoking throughout pregnancy anyway, then after being presented with her healthy baby saying smoking's not as dangerous as everyone says. This was the same girl who takes the word of her mates over doctors/consultants about whats best for her and her babies health. It's not their stupidity that depresses me (I was a stupid kid once too) it's their refusal to accept that they know bugger all about bloody important things that don't just affect their lives but their babies as well.

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