Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Roller coaster

A trip back to Llandegla for me and Burk on saturday, weather was nice, probably the first time I've ridden in wales when it hasnt rained! The Car Park was getting full when we arrived at 9 but we must have been moving at a similar pace to everyone else cos we didn't run into many riders. I took the hardtail and it was just right for the overgrown bmx course that this place is, slightly hairy where some big old braking bumps have now developed on the approach into some of the berms, but great for getting air* off the jumps. Slightly dodgy moment on the last bit of black, the downhill from the bridge with all the jumps, as I came to the first of the double I wasn't going fast enough so I tried to pedal to find I was still in a really low gear from the climb, no time to change gear just concentrate on jumping it, phew made it. I did one and a half laps again (back up offas dyke for a second go of all the good bits) Burk decided to just carry on so I was trying to catch him back up, no chance but I did manage to trash my legs. On 'Dave the fox' I was climbing to the top halfway along and saw a guy on a monster downhill bike all padded up, full facer and goggles setting off, I got to the top a few seconds after he'd set off so obviously tried to catch him, I kept him in sight and started to close a little but didn't catch him till he stopped for badgers rise where he stopped to take of his goggles and full facer and push up badgers rise. The downhill was about a minute long, is it really worth dragging that beast of a bike around? Mind you he was keeping up with me on the climb due to the fact the trail takes a long twisty, turny route up the hill and he was just pushing straight up the hill. It pisses me off when people do that, the trails are built and reinforced for the heavy use that trail centres get so stick to them! Anyway good ride and a nice early finish so I had loads of time for doing....erm.... nowt, just had a leisurely soak in the bath then round to the inlaws for a few beers and a curry.

*(a teeny tiny bit of air)

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