Monday, 20 April 2009

Beautiful day

Phew what a scorcher etc, etc. A nice bit of weather and no mistake, first BBQ of the year on saturday and a proper t-shirt ride on sunday. Me and burk hit the peaks, we took roych clough and rushup edge up to Mam Tor, a quick downhill then straight backup and back the way we came. There were loads of people out including a few para gliders, we got told off by a ranger cos we had missed the 3"x3" tippex bridleway sign directing us to a trail 10 feet (and one dry stone wall) to our right. And I nearly killed myself on the way back, dropping down Mount Famine at silly speed I spotted a deep water bar, I hopped it ok but landed heading straight for a bigger ditch at a very shallow angle, I just had time to heave on the bars, launch the bike skywards and pray that the suspension would soak up the hit when my back wheel hooked up on the far side (and that my brakes would stop me before the rapidly approaching dry stone wall on the far side). Scary but I managed. Then it was just downhill at warp factor 9 to the car in hayfield, pretty good day out and a lovely weekend, hope the weather holds up for next weeks swaledale ride.

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