Friday, 3 April 2009

Doe a deer...

...a female deer, well 2 female deers actually. I've seen deer up turton moor way before but not down Darcy Lever, that was a nice surprise this morning, also saw a pheasent some coots and 2 herons, the swans were hiding tho. Lots of wildlife about, there was a plague of frogs round the jumbles on Tuesday night too, I had a hard time dodging them all, think I may have clipped a couple of the poor buggers.

Last nights commute home was gorgeous, sunny, proper shorts an T shirt weather, a glimpse of what the next 5-6 months could be like (interspersed with large bouts of wind and rain obviously) I just took it nice and easy enjoying the loveliness of even this little slice of countryside nestled between the burgeoning masses of manchester and bolton. Pushed up the climbs, sat for a minute at gates and enjoyed the view, freewheeled the downhills. Nice. Knackered today, already done over 100 xc miles this week and in March I managed to clock up more xc miles than road which I think is a first. I'm going to be having a rest this weekend, with all the riding I've been doing lately MrsDonk is starting to feel like a mountain biking widow.

Down in the Valley 3, originally uploaded by D0NK.

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