Friday, 27 August 2010

Why? Seriously why?

So I'm ill, again, I'm not happy but before I go apop-bloody-lectic I'll just chill out and see if I can get over it in time for kielder. Anyway, no riding to work, it's school hols so light traffic, for a limited time only I got free parking at work plus I had a few errands to do after work so I took the car in friday-wednesday, hould be cheaper than the train too*. By tuesday I was sick of it and I gave up on wednesday night, put the car away not to be used for commuting again without a damn good reason. Even with the hols it's busy out there, you gotta concentrate a lot coz everyone is trying to cut in and is swip-swapping lanes to get 1 car length ahead, not a good way to start the day, in normal commute conditions it must be a nightmare. If I was stuck driving to work everyday I'd be looking very bloody hard at alternatives, cyclings not for eveyone but train, bus or tram, you can just get on and switch off, read a book, watch some vids on your mobile, play some apps, catch a few more zeds whatever and arrive at work if not wide awake then a lot less stressed than having driven. I'm lucky (well I planned it actually) I live and work near 2 stations with frequent trains but park and rides have got to be better than driving into a city centre. When I ride in I see plenty of people who seem to be doing the same bolton to manchester rat run everyday I bet half of them could quite easily use public transport but they'll have a whole raft of spurious reasons why not. I really cannot see the why people put themselves through it.

*it is, not worked out how much yet but the petrols def cheaper than a day ticket, if I got a monthly or annual ticket I doubt it would still be cheaper than running a car tho.


Julbags said...

I know what you mean even though I have a very easy mainly motorway commute to St Annes. When there was talk of moving us to north of Preston there was no way I was going to sit in nose/tail traffic for 30 mins to get to work then park 15 mins away when it was 6 easy bike miles away. Some of my colleagues would have still put up with it.

There are a scary amount of people here that live about a mile away and still drive, seriously. I can't believe it.

samuri said...

If I worked in Manchester there's no way I'd drive it. The odd times I'm there during rush hour I'm tearing my hair out in frustration. Remember when they were campaigning for tolls/more trains and buses? There was a big pro poster at the end of the Mancunian way and some people must have been taking half an hour to drive past it, how they could not see an alternative being better I don't know.