Friday, 20 August 2010

Rain stops play

Bit of an explore last night, straight from work to drinkwater park then took the irwell valley trail up towards rossendale. Was going to go upto edenfield then back round holcombe moor. It soon started drizzling but not too bad and I was pushing a decent speed towards radcliffe along Bolton-Bury canal. Got lost in Bury, signage is rubbish, after Bury it got more interesting following the irwell, more twisty and singletrack-y but too many gates and steps. Started raining harder :-( Had more trouble following the route at summerseat and by the time I got to nuttal park it was properly raining so out with the asda bag showerproof and I turned back for home. It was a hard climb up onto Holcombe moor and by the time I'd dropped from peel tower the spangly new drivechain was making some proper 'orrible noises, slapped a load of squirt on which quietened it down, brilliant stuff that. Flew down crowthorn and on to the strawberry duck, climbed up to green arms then down passed turton tower and home. Rain spoilt it a bit and I probably won't bother with the irwell valley trail again but still a decent ride out.

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