Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Going out with a bang

So finally managed a big ride yesterday (sort of), with Tuesday nightrides I'm normally getting on for 50miles if I commute aswell (all be it in sections with rests inbetween), so last night I decided to go straight from work, do more miles and eventually meet up with the lads. I had a (very) ambitious plan of following one of lowey's routes then up WW to tockholes round roddlesworth and over to rivi. I'd been pushing the pace a bit but as I got to longworth clough I realised I had no chance so I went over turton golf course, along entwistle, down BJ alley to belmont and up san marino. Was going to try to clean it but Johnny called just after I'd started to say his chain had exploded and mangled his mech so wouldn't be out. Up to the top and down kennel to meet up with Si at rivi. Did the pike up hole in wall, kennel again then wildeswood. I set off first down WW, I stopped as I got to the tree's to wait for Si (make sure he hadn't punctured) but as I turned I could see him pretty close behind. Bloody hell he's getting quick. Off I went hammering it to the bottom. Brilliant. Up bastard climb and over to ICR. Again I set off first, was doing ok till we got to the really rocky stuff then I could hear Si right behind me. Damn, better go quicker. Pushed myself back to nervous speeds, I was pinballing about all over the shop. Then CRACK! sommat twatted the bash ring, dunno if it was a really big rock or a rock flicked up from front wheel, but it killed some speed and I collected a slow puncture, made it to the bottom OK but whilst changing the tube I noticed 1. my bashring is completely destroyed and 2. Frames got a crack in the chainstay. Eek. RIP kinesis :-( I rather liked it, bit small for proper pedalling but nicely chuckable. Back up AICR and limp home while Si did ICR again, not only is he catching me on the downs he's going up pretty quick too.
58 miles all in with 5500ft not too shabby, legs were toast when I got home. Now what do I replace the kinesis with? :-)

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