Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Customer service? Whats that?

Figured I'd better get the pivot bearings on my etsx changed they're three years old, back end feels alright but a little flex. I asked merlin who I got it from but they don't do RM anymore but said if I got the bearings they'd fit them - fair enough I guess. I had a look on silverfish website for dealers, leisure lakes nearby and rutland who I've had stuff off before. Emailed both got replies from neither, grrr. I emailed silverfish saying I aint gonna go through your entire dealer list til I get someone who'll help me so sell to me direct or tell me who has them please. I get a reply saying they have them in stock so any dealer can order from them here's the codes. Erm I just said I wasn't going to trawl through your dealer list, I replied asking for RRPs no reply. Fortunatley BETD had some kits for £40, pricey but bearing shops were charging similar and I'm hoping these are the best sort for my bike. Got them next day, cool.
Was going to go to merlin after work to drop frame off but I nipped down to the workshop and I managed to change them without much trouble. One pivot axle wouldn't come out but the guys made me a custom drift, sorted. Quite easy actually (when you have a fully kitted out workshop to hand)
Just need to get my forks back together and fit a new freehub (don't want that failing during kielder) was going to service my shock too but don't fancy screwing it up and having to get it fixed a week before kielder, will do it after.

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