Thursday, 12 August 2010

Owned with bombers

Big bikes for fast riding. Took the heckler out for a spin to test my back wheel, fresh from the shop to fix my inept wheel building (it did fine thanks for asking). Parked up in horwich straight up wildes and winter hill. Down san marino at light speed, must have spent a decent amount of time about an inch from the ground, skimming over the bouncy bits. Winched my way back up in a not appaling 15 minutes. Off the shoulder was a bit less accomplished but was fun, but very ragged. The normally hated Belmont old road was ignored as the very plush suspension just soaked it all up while I spun the cranks. Ice cream run rocked. I middle ringed it up to the Pike just to remind myself I still could and also refused the granny back up hole in't wall. Kennels and wildeswood to finish, brilliant.

Stripped my kinesis yesterday and managed to jam a sharp knife into my thumb knuckle, pretty hard too right into the bone, swelled up now hope it's just bruised not infected.


lowey said...



I love Belmont Road to the Pidgeon Tower, both ways. Always have, but everyone else I know hates it with a passion.

Jason said...

Did you get an mmmbop? And yeah id rather crush my nuts in a vice than ride that rd.

D0NK said...

Not got anything yet Jase, still deciding/counting my pennies.