Thursday, 19 August 2010

Recovery riding

After sundays exertions I was in full on recovery mode, train to work Mon/Tues and then a nice slow road commute weds should have had me fully recovered, well nearly. Was going so well till the commute home where I picked up one and then another drafter. Pedalled along at a nice slow pace for 5miles or so, neither showed any signs of taking the lead. I got near kearsley roundabout, the approach could never be called a hill but it's a short steep climb. Stop at a redlight at the bottom then we set off, I stood up put the power down and just accelerated til I was spinning out, hit the roundabout at about 25 and I was away. I just wanted to send a message in big bold caps U R DROPD. So much for recovery.
Just trying to get ready for kielder now, a few things on my shopping list and some prep on the bike to do. Doing a ride tonight, stag do this weekend so write off any more training, usual riding next week, hopefully a couple of normal sized rides bank holiday weekend then an easy week til race day. Not exactly text book training but I'm feeling more hopeful than last week.

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