Monday, 2 August 2010


Or slightly more sweary words to that effect. Only 5 weeks to go til killdave and training has just not been happening. I'm supposed to be knocking out 40-50mile xc rides no problem by now. I'm even less confident now than I was when I signed up. So just 4 weekends to get some rides in and I got a stag do on one so write that off, down to 3 :-(
Was supposed to get a big ride in on saturday, was meeting some guys from STW at rivi so planned to do some proper miles in beforehand then meet up. As it was I overslept (!) so only got the chance for 1 extra hill before the meet. Johnnie showed but no sign of the STw fellas. Hung around for a while then set off. Unbeknown to us it had been cancelled but Hora and 2 mates came anyway but didn't go to meet point. We ran into them on top of rivi and we finished the planned ride together. Pike, San Marino back up the road and ICR, quite wet but nice to be out with fresh faces. Afterwards me and Johnnie went back up the hill and did wildeswood, instead of going home I went back up matchmoor and round smithills for a few more miles. Had a do to get to so left it at that, 35miles and 5000ft, not bad I guess.
Oh and I'm overcoming my fear of ICR, rode it twice and really enjoyed it - well I normally do enjoy it but I get pretty nervous. I'm more relaxed now, the trick is to just ease off the gas a bit and don't ride it like I'm on a burly FSer.

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