Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Finely honed body in tip top condition fail.

Sorry more bitching about my health.
So I was just getting over my (possibly) tonsilitus last week, felt OK saturday quick spin upto bike shop to stock up on power gels. Fine on sunday took charlie swimming and then pub lunch (no booze) but later eating some soreen my bloody tooth broke, great yawning chasm of unprotected tooth root. Brilliant, 2days before the dentist is even open let alone a free appointment, damn that fruity malt loaf.
Woke up monday feeling a bit groggy but it soon developed into full on hangover mode, headache, weak and nasueous. WTF? I didn't even have a drink, 2nd weekend in a row, I feel like Bilious. Was in bed at 4pm, still a bit iffy this morning. What the hells going on? Grrrr.

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trio said...

I often feel ill when getting near a big event! Hope you are okay for the weekend!