Friday, 6 August 2010

calm down dear

White van man flew passed me on a dual carriageway doing 40ish a few inches from my elbow, caught him at the next lights. I calmly asked him to explain himself, managed about 5 seconds before I started swearing. Apparently he didn't see me cause of the big black 4x4 in front. So you were tailgating? No he saw me so it was ok. So if you see me bounce under your wheels it's ok cos you saw me? No I saw you I didn't hit you, the lights have changed please move. Grrr. What really gets me is these people (the ones who I get to talk to post scary experience) really don't give a shit, "I didn't hit you so go away and stop moaning you nasty little cyclist" I'm not impressed with my own bodies reaction to it either, adrenaline shoots through my system and I get all jumpy, shaking hands and everything.
Saw another WVM nutter last week, manchester rd, bolton near burnden park asda. Comes flying passed me near the cop shop into the dip, theres a car ahead of him going to be at the lights/traffic islands same time as him so he goes onto wrong side of the road passed traffic islands, burns up the road and through the very red lights at the shell station (wrong side of road again) What a tool!

Jase let me try his ragley for size last night, mmmbops are pretty cheap at the mo and I should be able to squeeze onto an 18" trouble is I'd need new headset (1.5" reducer), BB (73mm), seatpost or shim and a seatpost collar pushing the price up, still less than a new xc120 but not much. 456s are cheap too, same size and wouldn't need the parts, heavy steel tho, or carbon for £499. Hmmm


Julbags said...

Steel 456 is indeed heavy though a very, very fun frame to ride but I am awaiting the munchkin slot Scandals to come back in and put my SS on a diet. Jez's 18" Spot SS is way lighter than mine and that is not the way the world should be.

The weight of the steel 456 does mean it just batters over stuff without being deflected, I'm finding on the Ti one I'm having to pick my lines a bit more carefully as it's getting a bit more pinged around.

D0NK said...

I think the mmmbop is almost same geometry but cpl lbs lighter then the 456. Ti 456 would be nice but I've not enough pennies at the moment.