Monday, 4 January 2010

That was 09

So how was it for you? Quite a good one for me, I hit nearly all my goals* and became a father too which was a bit of a bonus ;-) Charlies first christmas was fun despite him completely ignoring the HUUUGE pile of presents and toys everyone got him. This sociable riding lark is pretty good, average mph drops but more smiles per hour rises, hope to start getting to the STW rides again this year (if they continue) Guess I need to pin down some targets for next year, having my goals this year definitely helped to get me out riding this year.

Lets go for 3000 offroad miles this year, this is quite aspirational as mileages haven't been high since fatherhood and I only scraped 2.5k this time but lets see how I do, another 5200+ total would be nice too.

Coast to coast (road), Johnnie did this over 2 days with some non-bikey types so we should be fine doing it in a day that should also tick the 100mile ride I've been trying to achieve for ages.


Singletrack weekender - Good laugh this year, hoping for less punctures next time.

Kielder100, hmm, still not sure about signing up for this yet, don't wanna take up a place if I'm not fairly confident about finishing.

Other stuff, get charlie walking and get a bike seat so I can take him for a ride. Snowboarding holiday, fingers crossed, really missed it this year specially with all the snow we've had here.

That'll do for now.

Totals for this year
Road 2707
Offroad 2521
Total 5228

*only missed the 100 miler but who cares about road riding anyway?
** bitter? me?

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