Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Int snow brilliant?

It's like all white and sparkly, you slide around on it and can go sledging or skiing, you can have snow ball fights and build snowmen. Oh and it's a complete bugger to ride a bike through. Brilliant!

Commute home yesterday was really hard work we'd had another load of snow and was hard going but when I got to moses gate it was a nightmare, ended up pushing anything slightly uphill was so tired when I got home. So perfect prep work for going night riding after :-) Set off at usual time along the slushy roads to the trailhead at barrow bridge, I rode about 20 feet of the climb then ground to a halt, had to push all the climb and most of the "flat" bit through the golf course. Georges lane was interesting, that really mushed up snow that's been flattened down by cars and looks OK but both wheels slip and slide all over the shop. Came down wildeswood cautiously was fun tho plenty of snow and just as I got to the stud farm 3 deer ran across the track! Awww, dead christmassy. Got to meet point quite late but fortunately so was Johnnie. Rode up to the top car park OK but AICR was 'orrible, had to push so I got my hipflask out and we had a little tipple as we walked, pretty much all the way to the pike. Sat at the top, the views were brilliant.
Feeling a little tipsy we saddled up Johnnie really didn't fancy riding "the cliffs of imminent death, destruction and wholesale slaughter" as he calls them (something like that anyway) but I just set off, what a laugh! Sliding all over the shop, no idea where the deep ruts were, a few nearlys but no offs and was giggling by the time I got to the bottom, Johnnie did similar and by the end he knew it was the right choice. Across to wildeswood and down there, this time with more speed and hitting the deep snow at the edges for really drifty cornering including one massive front wheel drift that I only just managed to ride out. Got a little too giddy at one point but made it down laughing all the way. Top bit of riding. We split at the bottom I went home via barrow bridge - a lot better going downhill :-) Finally rolled home absolutely shattered, just walking to the train station this morning was hard work. Probably the last night ride of the year but what a corker.

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trio said...

Sounds great sorry I missed it!