Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The need...

Commuting has been hard work but not in the usual sense, knees are delicate so gotta take it easy but I've not been riding much so all this pent up energy is building up, it's difficult not to give in and go for it, lay down some tarmac shredding, stomach churning, knee crunching power and enjoy the speed and the burn in my legs. But no I resist, no point fecking my knees up on the daily commute and not being able to ride at weekend. Last night I saw a rider in the distance but let him go (!) however a bit later the road was oh so flat, my cadence high and I could still see him, how much damage can I do to my knees at over 100rpm? Not much surely so I opened the taps a bit, chased him down and passed him then had a bit of a chat when I got stuck at a redlight soon after. I set off again sloooooowly, easy on the knees then wound it up again to drop him. Felt good to coax a bit of speed out of the bike. Knees weren't sore later but definitley felt a bit 'tight' like your muscles do after a good workout :-( shall have to try harder to resist the need for speed in future.

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