Monday, 18 January 2010

Rough as toast

I'd forgotten how much havoc you can reek on your body with just a few hours down the boozer solid drinking. My mates birthday meant a meet up round his local and he drinks quick, the first couple pints take a while to go down but he gets quicker and pretty much doesn't stop accellerating til...well until it gets pretty messy. I bailed at 9 but am still feeling ropey this morning, was having dificulty remembering how to put on socks first thing, I had hoped the ride in would clear my head which it did but still suffering. Was a good afternoon, setting the world to rights and talking bollocks. Oh and I already knew strongbow was the devils piss but it turns out cool, clear, crisp, innocent looking Kopparberg is pretty evil stuff too, it's just a pity it's so tasty.


lowey said...

Hangovers Suck.

You out on Sunday ?

D0NK said...

Should be yeah, think I'm in ton's van.