Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Suffering from a bad case of wind*

Nightride last night, we had lost Johnny and Trio to commuting duties so it was just me Si and Giles. I wasn't very psyched up for it, had considered bailing myself but set off and was doing OK till I got to the first offroad bit which was still full of ice. Oh dear not a good sign at all so road schlep up scout road, matchmoor and georges lane, wind was really bad on the tops but fortunatley behind me mostly. Wildeswood wasn't too bad bit of ice on the corners (nice) but had a decent run down.
Met up with the lads and off we went, didn't want to get to exposed or stray too far incase we ran into more ice so a lot of cheek was involved, some good some not. Couple of runs up and down the mainhill then we did ICR and it was ace, best run down in ages being on FS may have helped :-) Si's first go down there on his new 5 and he was impressed too. Was gonna call it a day but it was still early so back up this time to the pike. We got blown all over the shop, the last section I was zigzagging get blown way over to the right muscle it back to the left get blown across again. Mental! Never been riding in wind so bad. Steep downhill where we had to pedal sections to keep going and georges lane to finish with wildeswood. Giles was thirsty for more but I wanted to get back and Si didn't have the legs so we split.
Good start to the years nightrides. Quite impressed with the new storm control tyre I had on too, got it cos it was so cheap, £14 from edinburgh, bargain kevlar bead and dual compound too.



Julbags said...

I had that wind as a full on headwind riding all the way home last night. 1.5 hours a new slowest commute at about 12mph.

So the ice is mostly gone then? Thinking of heading up there tonight.

D0NK said...

Going home was orrible even down on middlebrook way where I thought it would be sheltered.

Ice *mostly* gone, thing is there'd be no snow for ages, I'd pick up loadsa speed then spot some snow ahead with no time to slow down. Should be fine if your sensible tho :-) dunno if you go there but avoid barrow bridge, full of snow/ice there.