Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bloody bloody bugger

*New drivechain on Heckler*

It's official I've got a cold, this could put a dampener on the weekend, there's a lakes ride planned. So scrap riding in to work, couple of bananas with brekky and I shall be chugging orange juice all day. Try to if not get rid of it then atleaat try to lessen the negative effects.

On a positive note, Charlie woke up same time as me and he didn't seem interested in feeding just wanted to laugh and smile at his mum and dad so a bit of a cuddle with him before I left was a nice start to the day. Yes OK I admit it i've turned into a big jessy, apparently kids can do that to you.


Jason said...

nowt wrong with being a big jessie. Treasure it!

D0NK said...

Cheers I intend to :-)