Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow day

Work was cancelled today (Yay) so a lie in then a walk in the snow with the Mrs and Charlie (in one of these) to give sister in law her birthday present. Carrier is OK much better than pushing a pram around and charlie is comfy enough. Nice day and all the snow made a pretty mundane town walk a bit more challenging and a lot nicer looking.

Gonna try and ride into work offroad again tomorrow, I rode home on the road yesterday was knackered knees wrecked, quads were burning on the slightest incline, I wasn't going very fast with a 32x16 and enormous knobbly tyres either. I've stuck a 18t sprocket I had in the cupboard on the inbred, narrow tyres too it should help get through the snow and hopefully my knees wont explode this time. If i end up on the road again it'll take forever and rim brakes which will no doubt ice up but doubt I'll be going fast enough to require much braking besides the kinesis didn't have enough slack to fit 32x18.

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