Friday, 15 January 2010

Wrong sort of snow

Plenty of that about yesterday, rode in offroad and wasn't too bad one narrow section the snow had turned into that grey thixotropic stuff thats a nightmare to ride on. On the way home it was a whole different receptacle of seafood. Lots more thixo and slush, proper slog to get home, over 2hours for ~13miles last snow ride for a bit I reckon. Looked fine as I left this morning but as soon as I got out the door it started raining, I'm really warming to that altura jacket, it's been plenty warm all winter and shrugged off the medium to heavy drizzle this morning. As pointed out in singletrack lycra thumb cuffs are rubbish when they get wet but if you got long enough gloves its ok. Gonna be too warm for milder weather tho so will have to look out for a thinner version.

Nearly had a heart attack when I thought a lorry hadn't seen me this morning. Him and a car infront of him were waiting to turn right blocking up a box junction I was going to cross, lights changed and car infront showed no sign of moving I waited a few second but still nowt so I went. Of course car chose that precise moment to move and so the truck moved too. Eeek. Fortnatley truck stopped and beeped. Pretty sure there should only be one vehicle waiting to turn right on a box junction tho and he should have stayed put behind the line.

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