Monday, 2 November 2009

There was an...

old woman...young bloke who swallowed inhaled a fly I don't know why he inhaled a fly perhaps he'll die. Or perhaps he'll spend the rest of the ride coughing/heaving/wretching trying to get the little bugger back up.
I'd wussed out of going on the STW lakes ride but don't feel too bad about it, sounds like they had a similar ride to me. Got wet, got puncture, got cold, went home early. Difference was I didn't have to drive over 150miles for the privilege, no cameraderie either but I'll live. Def need some better winter gear, if I had gone on that ride and been waiting for others getting up hills, fixing punctures etc I'd have been freezing and got really cranky. Quick ride round the jumbles, nowt too taxing but I kept out of the wind and still a few power climbs to work the legs a bit on a SS.

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