Tuesday, 24 November 2009

More shiny things

Had to nip to Merlin to pick up my 9 month old bombers with a blown oil seal. Fixed under warranty thank you very much, see how they last this time, fingers crossed. Whilst there I took a look at the fox float RL 140s they had at a silly low price (for fox) Nice. Too nice. I now have another set of forks, I now own 7 mtb forks and only 4 frames. They are QR15s so I'll need a new front wheel. They're also post mount and the 2 bikes I was thinking about putting them on (heckler and etsx) have IS brakes. Ho hum, new brakes too then. Doubt they'll see the trails till spring, EdO reckons use your best gear in winter when you need it most, I say trash old stuff in winter save shiny stuff for long summer rides. Might singlespeed and slap some old forks on my kinesis for winter too.

Oh and my legs stopped that burning thing so I'm finally getting some decent sleep again. Yay.

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