Thursday, 29 October 2009

A man has needs...

...and currently those are
Winter shoes (on order stock "expected soon")
Winter socks (nice merino ones I think)
Mud tyres (on order)
Windproof jacket (to replace my aged aldi jacket, altura reflex?)
Winter gloves (errr..)
Better fitness and a healthy dose of MTFU :-)
Royal mail strikes won't be helping with obtaining some of these items but I've not got time to physically go shopping.


Red Bike said...

So far this month seems to have been really warm. Wasn't it snowing this time last year?

Lets hope we don't need winter kit for a few weeks yet.

D0NK said...

Yeah some snow would be nice. I don't like it this mild when it's raining, too warm for wet weather gear. I'd prefer all of nov dec and jan to be 0degrees, keep the trails nice and firm :-)