Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Very very frightening

No night riding planned this week but as we were leaving work last night Si suggested a night ride, he's got a pimpy new orange 5 to break in. I was 50/50 cos of the weather but I only got mildly damp on the commute home so I thought the night ride would be fine. Quick change of bike then back out, met up with Si and we climbed up winter hill, aren't these waterproof jackets great eh? We were doing OK warm and dryish in the light rain, then it started to rain harder and as we got to the top lightning lit up the sky! Belmont down hill was very wet and the best line was along the stream of water. We were soaked by the time we got to the bottom, gloves, shoes, shorts/longs all water logged and it started really belting down. Another ride cut short, we went up scout road and did a new route through smithills (educated guess but it worked out ok). Not a bad ride but my hands and feet were freezing when I got home, getting my keys out of the camelbak and opening the front door took ages. Wetest night ride ever.


Red Bike said...

So much for you nice firm trails!

Julbags said...

Your not encouraging me to go out tonight, the trails will be rivers.

D0NK said...

"So much for you nice firm trails!"
Yep they are a thing of the past, winter is here.

Go for it Julbags, despite being cold and wet it was still fun!