Tuesday, 10 November 2009

False promises

I'm disappointed, got up yesterday looked out the window and saw the frost, cool nice frozen trails. Nope very wet and sloppy trails just a lot colder than normal. Got to work pretty filthy but it was kind of picturesque with the mist down in the irwell valley, nice start to the day. There was mist on the way home too but this wasn't nice it was horrible. It was dark, I only had my head torch and it was reflecting off the mist, it was like riding through a snowstorm, millions of tiny sparkly particles rushing towards my eyes. Very off putting and seemed to be messing with my balance too when the clouds of mist flowed left or right. Ended up having to hold the light while I rode along.
Also my mud proofing acquisitions haven't been a success, the bombers I got have sprung an oil leak, only 8months old and not done a lot of miles, bombers are supposed to be indestructible. The Maura's are proving difficult, fiddly to setup, if you want to take a wheel out you have to remove a caliper and when you refit it chances are you'll have to faff to get them in the right place again. Not too bad for the back wheel which stays put but I need to remove the front wheel to stash the bike in the house. The TPA (moving the pistons in as the pads wear) doesn't work properly, the pads never centre properly, looking on trials forums this TPA thing is a well known issue. Power is reasonable, pads wear faster than normal but I don't shred them in one ride like I was doing with discs the last couple of winters. Time will tell whether I'd have been better off spending the money on lots of disc brake pads instead.

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