Wednesday, 11 November 2009


You know that fast sweeping right hander before you enter the trees on wildeswood descent? The one with the little gulley you can drop into and use as a berm to rip round at speed? Well you can't anymore. I noticed too late last night that it's just a muddy mess now. Front wheel slid out of gulley, bike got all out of shape and I hit the ground pretty hard. Head, face, shoulder and knee hit the ground and I got bike tangled up in my legs. When I finally dagged myself of the ground I noticed with satisfaction that the rear wheel was still spinning - sign of a proper crash :-) I'd snapped the peak of my helmet and my right knee and calf were pretty sore but I carried on, met up with Jonny and Si and set off up rivi. Made it to the top but legs was hurting and head was a bit swimmy so I decided to split, it's mainly downhill all the way from there but my leg had started to seize up and every bump caused my calf to jolt and hurt a lot. Painkillers, ice, elevation etc when I got home, bit of trouble walking this morning, but not too bad, back on the (road) bike tomorrow hopefully. There's a chain of thought that says if you're not crashing you're not learning, that quite frankly is bollocks! Crashing hurts I'm not intending to make a habit of it.

Oh I should also mention it was jonnys debut singlespeed ride, he loved it, he has nothing but praise for monocogs :-)


trio said...

I prefer to avoid falling off as well it hurts, hope you are less achey tomorrow!

lowey said...

My one regret is that I wasnt there to witness it :p

Hope it heals kiddo.