Friday, 20 November 2009


I've got some amusing shades of bruise on both legs, left thumbs still dodgy, got a wierd hard lump in my calf and oh yeah my leg burns. Whenever my leg is still (ie slobbing on the couch) the next time i move it my calf burns, the longer I'm still the more it hurts so changing position at night during sleep means it burns like buggery and wakes me up. It's a weird throbbing burn, like really bad lactic acid and it's doing my head in losing sleep. Went to the docs and he confirmed it's not thrombosis (which is nice) but he shrugged when I asked him what the burning sensation was and what to do about it. Hope it wears off soon.

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Julbags said...

A fairly hefty bruising of your calf muscle then! I bruise easily so I've had a few rock hard lumps on my legs over the years. It does get better. Personally I'd be chomping down on the Ibuprofen for its anti-inflam properties and to let you sleep. Have you tried icing regularly?

Might be a better idea to find a sports physio rather than GP if it doesn't calm down soon, there might be more going on in the muscle.