Thursday, 26 November 2009


So I brought my ageing Z1 bombers into work to have a go at stripping and replacing the seals, I've had them 10years and only got them professionally serviced once so about time for another one, amateur this time. I'd heard seals were a bugger to get out but the first leg I had no probs at all, stripped down, seals levered out easy, popped the new ones in with a 30mm socket as a drift, piece of piss. Second one again no probs fitted the new seal had a look inside whoops forgotten to fit the bushing, carefully lever seal out fit bushing seal back in, hmm thats gone too far, damn I forgot the spacer, lever seal out, fit spcaer push seal back in. Repeatedly fitting and removing seals doesnt damage them does it? :-0
Saw this pic on trios site it reminded me a long time ago me and my mate were riding round there and it was in a similar state, he bet me to ride in the river I accepted aslong as I used his mountain bike (I was on a racer he had a nice purple and green peugot anaconda i think - mmm slack!) I had a right laugh, he took a pic, all you could see of the bike was the bars and saddle. River riding is cool - aslong as you use someone elses bike I think every bearing on his bike died soon after

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