Friday, 29 May 2009

Fater Faster

A couple of guys from work fancied a road ride so I planned out a route pencilled in for last night, anyway it got cancelled and it was raining in the morning so I was on the pompino, the route has some big steep climbs so I wasn't going to drag the singlespeed round there. Anyway it brightened up during the day and I fancied a bit of a ride on the way home so I ended up giving it a go. Not bad, just shy of 40miles and 3800ft of climbing mostly b roads once out of manchester. Legs were tired when I got home so I intended taking it easy riding into work today. A lovely morning so I grabbed the canondale, gears will make it even This bike isn't subtle, it doesn't whisper to you, it just shouts at you "faster, FASTER you bastard" and your legs say OK. I caned it all the way in and I was on a green wave most of the way to the city centre, it was looking like I was on for a good time but oxford road is all screwed up, I don't go down oxford road but they've screwed around with light timings on nearby roads so I had to stop at 4 red lights one after the other. Grrr. Still managed over 18mph average, not good for recovery tho. Lets hope this glorious weather lasts a while, bowderdale at weekend.

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