Tuesday, 12 May 2009

High winds and low times

I've broken my legs again. Rode into work OK and apart from me not being able to trackstand for shit and a bus driver trying his best to run me off the road it was fine. Went out for a quick spin to test out the heckler before a lakes ride tomorrow after putting new bars and shorter stem on. Good job I did testride, the bottom brackets on its way out, I had to tighten it a few times. On my way to meet up with Junkyard and Lamus I did the kennel run off winter hill and then jons 200. The kennel run was ace and I was quick so I thought I'd time myself on Jon's 200, a few years ago I was trying for quite a while for a sub 2 minutes time but I've not bothered for ages and just enjoy it instead of pushing myself. Anyway I hit it pretty hard, nailing the corners and sprinting whenever I could get the power down. I've got the sharp righthander by the stud farm sussed finally and then just the long sprint down the dirt road. I hit the bottom and slammed on the brakes, checked my watch, 1:57 come on! I was proper made up. I guess the new bar/stem configuration will be staying :-) and now I can finally cut down that stupidly long steerer. Met up with J and L and went up to the pike where it was stupidly windy. Then we went down to jons 200 where we tried a few new lines and the dropin to the woods. Down the backs of the houses to the school and up the bridleway where I split as it was getting late, I put the power down as it was getting dark quick. A full on headwind all down georges lane and chorley old road was murder, once I'd dropped into barrow bridge it was better but by that time I was cold, shorts were a bad choice in that wind. My knees were killing me when I got home and legs were toasted, bit sore today.

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