Tuesday, 5 May 2009

That fine stuff that soaks you through

Boo to the weather. Lots of rain this morning, I think it's the first real soaking since I got all my commuting gear during the winter, there's been plenty of showers and horrible weather but no proper test of the waterproof-ness-ability. Altura jacket (dunno which, cheapest I think), HH lifa baselayer, Altura "waterproof" gloves, endura clip bibs with waterproof shins over the top of altura stretch over shoes over some old Shimano winterboots. Not a bad ensemble and pretty cheap, top of my feet were a little wet but I was warm and mostly dry when I got to work. Gloves probably won't have dried properly by the time I go home (inner membrane is waterproof the outers still hold some water) and they could do with a towelling/snot wipe (to mop up all the rain running down my face) but most waterproof gloves seem to have the same problems so not bad. The enduras are ace, with double thickness knees they cope with pretty cold weather but you don't melt when it's mild and the waterproof shins means you can get water to run off over your overshoes. Sorted.

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trio said...

I went to lee quarry on saturday as well, quite enjoyed it but stayed on the red!