Thursday, 7 May 2009

Hitting the sweet spot

After years of commutiong and waiting at red lights I can trackstand a bit, most commutes I clip in as I leave home and unclip when I get to work, if I hit a red light jam on the brakes, left pedal at 9 o clock slightly turn handlebars and freeze, or in most cases wobble about til the lights change. Fixie riders do it differently, they pedal back and fortha little and for the first time ever I managed it too. Theres a steep bit over a bridge on salford crescent, I had to stop at the lights and I tried letting go of the brakes, with the hill I could push the pedals a tiny bit then roll back, pedal, rollback. Front wheel only moves a teeny tiny amount more of an oscillation than a back/forth but I'd got it sussed, I was so impressed that when the lights changed I just kept on balancing - til I realised there was a bus behind me and I was blocking the lane. Only really doable on a slope with a freewheel but I shall try it again.

Another nightride last night with junkyard and lamus (I think, apologies if I misheard/spelt it wrong) went up rivi then across to lead mines clough, not been there for a while, back via the resers. Good little run out and I was cleaning stuff pretty well on the singlespeed. I've been riding SS for quite a while now and I'm still surprised at what you can get up with a 32:16, a good rear tyre, some determination and a devil may care attitude towards the health of your knees! A fast spin back home for a properly balanced recovery meal - fray bentos boozy pie with bread and butter, a bacon and melted cheddar buttie (red sauce obviously) and a couple of southern comfort and cokes to knock me out, it's what all the pros have on the TDF :-)

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trio said...

Sounds a good ride, shame I couldn't ride this week, next week is looking good though.