Monday, 18 May 2009

Wet weekend

Was suffering from some serious lethargy all weekend, even the offer of a trip up Helvellyn on sunday did not stir me into action. Saturday was spent on the couch until the father in law rang to say he couldn't get the hang of his new laptop. "how do I get rid of the letters I've just typed?" and "I've got to confirm my password but I can't type on the confirm password line" (I kid you not) So a quick trip round there to help setup his broadband and show him keyboard basics. Virgin BB installation was crap BTW, the guy wouldn't setup the cable modem in the room where my FiL wanted it and the wireless router doesn't turn up till next week! Sunday was a little more active, after a long lie in and wha'd'ya know there are better ways of spending a wet sunday than storming down helvellyn.

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