Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Bowderdale is pants!

Another singletrack ride this weekend so here's a report especially for lowey*
It was rubbish, crap weather, rubbish route, bloody awful company, 33 ignorant sods, I didn't smile once.
If you want to share in the misery the pics are here, here and here

*Lowey, one of the main organisers, broke down about 15 minutes from the meeting point and spent the day waiting for the AA.


Weon said...

Sounds (and looks) horrendous.

Lucky escape if you ask me.

D0NK said...


Dave said...

Just found this blog thing.

Your a bastard of the highest order. That was one of the worst waits ever.

D0NK said...

Welcome to my little world lowey, I think that makes about 6 readers now, woohoo I've hit the big time :-)