Friday, 15 May 2009

Day off

Nasty horrible weather today but my wet weather gear did a sterling job again, just a bit damp this morning. This doesn't bode well for a ride tonight tho and weekend is looking like a wash out, we shall see. Me and burk went to Grizedale on wednesday and we struck lucky, sun and clear skies for most of the ride, a nasty bit of headwind ontop of parkamoor but otherwise lovely. Still got filthy mind you, loads of puddles about. The view from parkamoor was fantastic, I've never been up there when it was so clear, we could see the sea to one side and a lot of the lakeland peaks (most of which we failed to name) a good view of walna scar road gave us ideas for the next ride. We did the same route as the STW ride in March, it was even more fun in the dry(ish) and I did OK navigating, saw a few other bikers and the odd walker but it was pretty quiet. Burk had his new tyres on, Panaracer Fire DH, huge chunky tyres with big man-size knobbles, unfortunatley his chain keeps catching on them which is not great, but he was rocking on the downhills and no punctures so good stuff. The weather turned as we headed home tho and the car was getting blown about on the motorway. Nice long bath when I got home then chippy tea cos I couldn't be bothered cooking, a cracking day off work.

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