Monday, 18 May 2009

Shoulder Barging With 2 Tonne Tess

Commuting in this morning was interesting, several people passed me in their cars then moved over to try and prevent me passing them on the left (they failed in most cases) so I was a bit nowty by the time I got to the city centre. Coming up bridge street not far from the (red) lights there was a HGV parked on the left so I started to move right when a big gold lexus came slowly passed me and again tried to box me in, there was plenty of room to the right but car was within 2ft of the HGV, suitably riled I decided to push it, 2ft i splenty of room so I kept going, car has slowed so I'm slowly passing it when it moves even closer in, eek. I actually end up leaning on the car both hands on the bars, my elbow against the rear window, both of us coasting along for a few feet till car has to stop but not before the driver points the nose even more to the left. I keep going till I run into the wing mirror and have to stop. Not sure whether driver has not seen me the whole time (despite having overtaken me) or has just been being a cock trying to push me around, but the driver finally see's me (or admits defeat) and moves right slightly. I called him a knob, then realise it's a woman, then get on my merry way. Funfilled way to start the day which admittedly could have ended in tears, partly my own fault for being so bloody minded (having the audacity to ride down the road) but mainly hers for being blind/being a knob
Ho hum.

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