Friday, 28 January 2011

Full service resumed

Blimmin heck a proper week, ride on sunday, commuting 4 days, a night ride and 5aside! I've not done a full week in yonks. Admittedly sunday was just a quick road ride to check my legs and lungs were still working after a week off the bike (results were "yes" and "sort of") Monday was a bit of a bugger, all sorts of toolery going on around me, cars racing to beat me to pinch points, some idiot gunning his engine to get passed me then immediatley pulled left and braked hard so he could do a U turn and park on the otherside of the road, and various other stuff. Tuesday not bad, some polite drivers for a change, at nnight Johnnie had to cancel last minute due to a mechanical pneumatical so I did the jumbles loop again, did manage all the climbs this time but the rollercoaster one took a fair bit of grunting/thrutching when I went offline and stalled halfway up. Got plastered in mud, first really muddy ride for a while, chain on SS is dying loadsa stiff links. Saw a BIG group above turton tower, dunno if it was woolybacks or boggies, a good twelve or so riders.
Yesterday was my first 5aside in... oooh a long time, took it easy didn't chase as much as usual but still got injured, somehow got a knock to my right calf got a big lump and it's sore now and Si managed to nobble my left leg too. I seem to get injured everytime I play, dunno if it's me lumbering about the pitch, bad luck or just me being a mard arse, I enjoyed it tho, even scored once. So stiff legs riding in this morning, fine for pedalling but standing up trying to absorb bumps hurts. Prob no riding this weekend so a good job I fit plenty in during the week.


Julbags said...

Football is very stop/start, lots of sprints and changing of direction that cyclists legs aren't used to. Easy to injure yourself if you didn't do a proper warmup and that's without factoring in the other players clattering into you! Apart from the injury its probably good to do something different.

D0NK said...

I try to warm up and stretch properly, it's normally the clattering or the occasional stretch-a-bit-too-far for a stray ball.