Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What now?

Still not decided on my aims for this year just a few maybes, the only thing I do have planned is to get quick. Wanna try a bit of tame racing, some of the brownbacks hopefully, if wors and lowey do have a go (they did hint they would) it would help my motivation :-) I'm not signing up for Keilder this time but come september if there's entrys free (highly likely) and the weathers looking good (hmm) and I'm in the mood (hmmmmm) I might give it another go.
Started the year riding wise with a very gentle intro, more of a catch up with Johnnie than a ride, first week back at work things were looking good, pushing pretty hard on my first two commutes and feeling good. Then I started with sore throat and bunged up, so I've now eased off again, still riding tho, think I was too easily put off riding last year for fear of getting properly ill. This time I'll keep going til I can't ride.

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