Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tour de jumbles

First night ride of the year done, as Si has been hitting the gym since the new year he wasn't up to riding and Johnnie seems to be in a communication black hole so I was on my own, I didn't fancy big hills anyway so had a mooch round the resers, being an adrenaline junky mountain biker I was of course hitting the sickest lines at silly speeds....or not as it happens, just a brisk ride round the deserted, well surfaced (mostly) tracks, a few other bikers about, only passed 2 but saw a few more on the far bank of wayoh and entwistle. 23 miles very little road, quickish but not fast, around 2200ft climbing so pretty flat and I was back home before 9, fun.


lowey said...

Sometimes, rides like that are just the tonic.

Wheres johnnie these days ?

D0NK said...

I have seen him this year :-) think he's doing a load of DIY on his new house.