Friday, 7 January 2011

2010 round up

2010 was supposed to be a big mileage year so lets see how I did.
180 rides 4786 miles
2462 in 91 rides
2324 in 89 rides
Average was 27 offroad 26 on (better than last year), mode was unsurprisingly the 25mile commute, one century (finally! and it was xc too!), four half centuries and twenty rides 30-50miles. 1 broken bike(boo), not a whole lot of punctures (yay) no bad riding injuries but a whole heap of bugs/viruses.
How did I do with my aims?
3000 xc miles, nope too many bouts of illness but I did manage more xc than road which makes a change.
Coast to coast, erm no.
SSEC yes and very good it was too!
STW weekender, nope.
Keilder 100, well it wasn't looking too good for a while but I managed it, pity it destroyed my knees. Quite chuffed with managing the course.
Get Charlie walking, don't think I can take much credit for this but yes, done.
Snowboarding holiday, no chance and not next winter either I'd guess.

So a bit of a mixed bag, some big mileage rides and slightly longer average rides but not enough of them.

So lets get ready for 2011 then :-)


Anonymous said...

Coast to coast, erm no.

well that was mainly my fault shall we set a date for after the snowdon ride around april ish just as it is warming up?
It is 135 miles but flat apart from hubberstey - which is Bolton abbey way- which is a noice 4 mile climb thankfully that is the length not the vertical ascent

D0NK said...

C2C failed for the same reason I still haven't managed a century road ride ie.
"I wanna do a big road ride, it'll have to be a nice day to do that"

"oh look nice weather, I'm off for a mountain bike ride"