Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fallout Boy

I'm a bit of an obsessive, tend to do things to death, riding bikes, drinking beer, various other pursuits also spring to mind, a huuuge time sink of mine is computer games as once the initial outlay is over with you don't run out of money (as with drinking) and as you are sat on your arse the whole time you don't run out of energy. If I get a new game you can guarantee I'll be up till midnight playing it, a good game it'll be the early hours, a great game...well I've looked up from the monitor to see daylight on a few occasions. Over christmas and new year the mrs has been ill so we've been indoors most of it, this coincided with me obtaining fallout new vegas, so anytime both her and the baby were asleep (frequently) I was on the PC. In nearly 2 weeks I think I've only made it to bed before 2am twice. Cracking game, thoroughly recommended if you have huge swathes of freetime (or don't care about sleep deprivation) First of the series I've played but will be looking into FO3 I think, maybe not bother with the earlier ones tho.

When not roaming the mojave virtually we visited family with the accompanied lots of eating and (only a little actually) drinking but after a week of that I was feeling a little off colour. I finally got off my arse on the 30th, mrs was still ill and the trails were looking icy so nipped out for a quick run jog instead of a ride. Only out for 75mins or so and no big hills but came back with my left leg/hip aching liked I'd pulled something, cold bath, food & painkillers then a nice hot bath later, I felt fantastic. Running, one of the most painful/tedious/annoying forms of excercise and it had transformed me, why don't more people excercise when it makes you feel like this? Was having trouble walking 2 days later when all my leg muscles seized up but I felt fine otherwise, no sign of any pulled muscles. Should do more runs when I'm short on time.


Weon said...

I'm the same - opend Gran Turismo 5 on Christmas Day. Can't remember anything other than driving recklessly around virtual tracks from that point on!

D0NK said...

Yeah Si told me he got GT5 too, he doesn't like driving games but still spent a lot of time on it, glad it's not just me :-)