Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Well...mostly apples. More self abuse.

After a busy week I still wasn't done wreaking havoc on my body, I went running again on Saturday, I had planned to take charlie on a ride but he slept most of the afternoon so I only had time for a run. Some cheeky beggar has blocked a ROW near me, a wire fence ziptied across a bridge, I've emailed the council, if it's not official I'll have a go at pulling it down. Not as long a run as usual just 45mins, no injuries this time, I think 45mins is about my limit after that I start to get hurt. Rest on Sunday, we went to a christening so spent most of the afternoon chasing Charlie round a social club. Some kids didn't appreciate him trying to hug them either.

Had a leaving do yesterday, nowt big (at the leave-ees request) just a few beers at the pub near work so I rode to work, as often happens a few beers turned into lots of beers and unfortunately the only cider they had was some six point something percent rocket fuel scrumpy, it looked like week old piss but tasted quite nice. I'd started on that expecting us to only be out for an hour or so but as it was I ended up absolutely blootered. Train home where I insisted on cooking tea, wife tried to stop me on the grounds that she didn't want me burning the house down or poisoning us both. I persevered and soon knocked us up some spicy fajitas, shortly before lapsing into incoherent rantings at the TV and the world in general. She left me to it, I woke up on the couch rough as arseholes staggered to bed.
Turns out the scrumpy wasn't just made from apples but also cat piss, rat poison, dog phlegm and all sorts of other stuff intended to rid you of brain cells as fast as possible. All this on a school night too, this morning was unpleasant, I've perked up now but still wont be up for tonight's ride.

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